BenQ TK850 4K Review

The BenQ TK850 is one of the best 4K projectors for your living room, with amplified audio, 3,000 lumens brightness and a deep focus on sports broadcasts to help you stand out from the stacks of other projectors out there. It was not the first BenQ projector we noticed: we gave the BenQ HT3550 a brilliant review last year, although this model is more focused on die-hard moviegoers than on the TK850. So is it worth seeing the BenQ TK850? This is our Review BenQ TK850 4K.

BenQ TK850 4K Review: Design

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Even before you turn on this projector, the TK850 is very easy on the eyes. It has soft, rounded edges in a predominantly white design, which helps to prevent this rather bulky device (13cm x 38cm x 26cm) from dominating the room. After all, this is one of the advantages of not choosing a television set. The ports are all at the rear, which means that they are probably facing the viewer, which makes it very easy to navigate the connections and connect the correct cables during use.

BenQ TK850 4K review

You will have two HDMI 2.0 inputs, which means that you can connect two sources at the same time (for example, an Xbox One and a 4K Blu-ray player). There are also ports for SPDIF, audio output, USB 3.0 and RS232, with a 12V trigger to turn the projector on automatically when an active device is connected. At the top of the projector, you will find buttons for power and the D-pad, as well as ‘OK’, ‘Back’, ‘Menu’ and ‘Source’. There are also LED indicators for the power supply, lamp and temperature.

The remote control is brilliantly created, even if it doesn’t look particularly flashy. The simple two-tone silver color is great for visibility in the dark, thanks to its reflective finish. The pink backlight is also great for illuminating the bottom buttons, and there is a button to turn that light on and off. Sometimes the TK850 projector seems to heat up a bit, even in standby mode, so we recommend that you disconnect it completely when not in use for a long period of time.

Software and configuration

Since the BenQ TK850 is just a short-throw projector – instead of the type of ultra-short throw model that you can push against a wall – you’ll need to install it a little bit outdoors. We put it on a coffee table, but any surface in your living room that might look face to face with the wall will do the job. Obviously, the TK850 is not a miracle worker. You need to have it at a height that is favorable to project the entire image on the wall, no matter what size you decide to set on the display.

There are supports for these things, although we think that a waist-high table was high enough to get the image at eye level. The vertical shift of the lens by 10 degrees, which is how far you can slide the projector up or down without distorting the image – also helps in this regard. You may not want to see much of the projector on display during use, but keep in mind that viewers can block the projection from behind, depending on where the projector is placed.

There are a few things about the projector that you will need to manually adjust during installation, before accessing the software section. The first is for the zoom and focus functions, which you adjust from above – there is a small hatch that covers these moving parts, although it will slide automatically if the projector is tilted slightly.

When the projector is on, pull the small hatch at the top of the projector and adjust the lens left and right to zoom in to adjust the image size – up to a maximum of 100 inches at 8.2 feet away – and push it forward or backward to focus the image. You can use the lens shift wheel to enlarge or decrease the image; In short, it’s a simple and intuitive process that allows you to achieve the perfect image.

There is also a manual lift stand at the bottom of the TK850. All you need to do is press the bracket over the front foot and pull the foot down to adjust the projector to the desired height. The automatic distortion function can be a bit exaggerated and we had to correct the distortion in the menu settings for a few minutes. There’s not much here that stands in the way of a smart platform, which is good and bad.

BenQ TK850 4K review

It is good because there is little in the way of action. After all, you only need to deal with a menu that appears over the projection. The bad news is that there are no built-in apps, like Netflix or YouTube, and you need a physical source like a game console, a decoder or a 4K Blu-ray player to watch it, okay. Connect your source via USB or HDMI, press the power button on the projector or remote control.

BenQ TK850 4K Review: Performance

The most impressive thing about the BenQ TK850 is your brilliance. With 3,000 lumens – considerably more than the 2,000 lumens on the BenQ HT3550 – it can project a prominent image, which means that we can comfortably watch movies, even with a moderate amount of light in the room. You will still have the best image in a dark environment, although you are not much penalized for leaving a lamp on to see the furniture (or your loved ones).

This light has excellent results for watching HDR in particular. The high dynamic range offers enhanced contrast and more vibrant colors than the standard SDR (standard dynamic range), and the TK850’s powerful lamp means that the HDR makes a fantastic difference.

Watching The Marciano, we found that activating HDR gave a completely different picture. Tanning in the desert became intense and textured colors on the red planet, while even the small, easily lost blue lights flashing in the middle of a howling gray storm appeared brilliantly. This is a projector that works well with HDR – while still having the necessary resources to make the SDR look good on its terms. HDR games are also a real sight. The Witcher III was recreated on our Xbox One X with vivid details, with an excellent contrast that highlights the gaming environment. The delay also seemed minimal.

BenQ TK850 4K review

You will not receive Dolby Vision or HDR10 + here – or on any projector – but the standard HDR format still offers dividends on the TK850. HLG and even 3D video are also supported.

However, the BenQ TK850 projector is marketed as a device for watching sports programs – how does it work? We floated between football and rugby matches and found the motion controls very convenient – while the increased contrast of the special Sports mode helped players appear against the green of the field behind them, and gave the sound a slight boost to hear the roar. of the crowd better.

It’s worth using the projector’s unique Cinema or Sports settings for whatever content you’re watching – with a Brightness mode for bright environments or a Living Room setting for everyday use. You can also create a custom image mode for the user, according to their personal needs. There is some light video noise that appears regardless of the source we use, from low-resolution YouTube videos to brilliant 4K Blu-rays. However, the impact is small and difficult to avoid on a projector that cannot stop shining on every pixel of the displayed video.

This projector is generally better at showing deep colors and clear scenes, and worse at showing shadows or distinguishing shades of gray. The sound is not small, for what it is – and will undoubtedly cover the sound of the TK850 fans – but if you want more than 10W of speakers, you can also connect a separate sound bar or hi-fi system.

Pricing and availability

The Ben TK850 sells for $ 1,699 in the USA, which is equivalent to approximately $ 1,300 / AU $ 2,600. The projector has just been launched in the UK and can be found on eBuyer for just over £ 1,340.

BenQ TK850 4K Review: Conclusion

The BenQ TK850 is a great example of a 4K HDR projector with brightness to highlight the image. You’ll have to do without a lot of smart features, but if that’s not a problem, you should have little reason not to take advantage of what the TK850 offers. HDR, in particular, is exceptional – while the manual zoom, lens shift and focus tools let you adjust the projector to your living room’s needs and size. Check out our list of the best HDR projectors

9 Total score

The BenQ TK850 is a great example of a 4K HDR projector with brightness to highlight the image. You will have to do without a lot of smart features, but if that is not a problem, you should have no reason not to take advantage of what the TK850 offers.


  • Extremely bright and vibrant
  • Excellent HDR
  • Sports Mode


  • No streaming apps
  • Without Dolby Vision or HDR10 +