YouTube Music has been modified for Android users

News Summary:

  • The news is interesting because more users now get the redesigned playlist. YouTube Music users can see information about the uploader, playlist names and descriptions, and more.

  • There are always fresh updates and improvements available in the YouTube app. We told you in June that YouTube Music had changed the album view to make the cover art more prominent and visible.

The new version of the playlists looks much better than the old one, which was a little crowded because the playlist names and uploader information were all crammed next to the cover art.

In this case, it is essential to note that the Shuffle button is not so easy to find in the new layout. It’s in the overflow menu, which you can reach by tapping the three-dot icon next to the Play button.

The giant streaming service has made many changes to its Music app. The buttons that control playback can now be moved around. Before, if you went to YouTube Music, you had to use a different interface with square buttons to shuffle and play and the ability to edit and download. Still, you see a bold round play button below the playlist description and buttons to edit, download and share the playlist or album.

According to sources, Android playlists are getting the new design in numerous places. If you haven’t upgraded yet:

It appeared in some of our tests after doing these things. With the new design on the phone, the app is one step closer to giving users the same experience across all platforms and devices of different sizes. That’s a good thing, no doubt. If you have this new version, let us know in the comments what else YouTube’s revamped Music app has brought.