Your passwords will be more secure with this iOS setting

News Summary:

  • Apple’s Password Security Recommendations feature works independently of third-party passkeys and password managers. If you haven’t set up a password manager yet, please do. Check out the best password managers for 2022. With this setting enabled, Apple provides two lists of his recommendations: High Priority and Other. High Priority will notify you if one of your passwords has been exposed in a data breach and allow you to change your password on the service’s website or remove it from your device. Other recommended lists suggest changing passwords that are reused or easy to guess.

  • Password security is a serious issue. Compromised passwords, especially those that are reused or easy to guess, can cause problems for multiple accounts. For example, if your Netflix account password was compromised and you used the same password for your bank account, not only your show binge history, but bad actors could be able to watch it online. If you need additional password protection, you can try iOS features that warn you of compromised passwords, passwords that need strengthening, or passwords exposed in data breaches.

If your password is secure, you’ll see a small green checkmark next to the security recommendation. CNET has reached out to Apple for further clarification and will update as feedback is received. For more information, see the Privacy tips you should know from the experts and browser settings you should change to improve your privacy.