Valkyrie Elysium is now $40 as an Early Black Friday Exclusive

News Summary:

  • The RPG typically costs $60, so this is an excellent 33% discount. Amazon and Best Buy are selling the game, which came out not long ago in September 2022, at a deal this week.

  • It’s officially Black Friday week, and there are plenty of deals on video games. One such offer is a nice discount on Square Enix’s Valkyrie Elysium, which now costs just $40.

The action-RPG draws from Norse mythology and is set “in a world on the brink of destruction.” Elysium is the fifth game in the Valkyrie series. It features several differences from previous games in the series, including the ability to summon Einherjar to fight alongside Valkyrie in battle.

About Valkyrie Elysium:

Valkyrie Elysium is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and PC. It is one of many games now available for a nice discount in early Black Friday 2022 deals. Look for more in our Black Friday hub.

Valkyrie Elysium is the fifth game in the Valkyrie series of RPGs to be released for PlayStation consoles and PC through Steam. It stars a new Valkyrie, Nora, tasked by the All-Father Odin to prevent the completion of Ragnarok.[1] As Nora quests through a devastated Midgard, she is confronted by the mysterious Valkyrie Hilde, who serves Fenrir.[2]

Unlike previous games in the series, the game is a full beat ’em up game where one controls Nora as she combats enemies and traverses environments. Einherjar can still be called to aid in battle but is not directly controlled by the player, instead acting independently, being able to be directed to attack specific enemies or made to perform particular actions.

Unlike all other games in the series, Valkyrie Elysium is developed by Soleil, known for creating the online competitive multiplayer game Ninjala. The game features music by Motoi Sakuraba and character design by Yuya Nagai.