Valkyrie Elysium Goes Public on PS4 and PS5, Official Launch Trailer Released

News Summary:

  • For the PS4 and PS5, Soleil’s Valkyrie Elysium, a fresh action role-playing game in Square Enix’s Valkyrie series, is now accessible. View the debut trailer, which features several of the game’s characters as well as some combat.

  • On November 8th, a free update will be available that includes new difficulty settings, time attack battles, and “Hilde’s Vengeance” mode.

The tale’s main character is a Valkyrie who is enlisted by Odin, the All-Father, to stop Ragnarok. She has access to a variety of magical weaponry as well as the ability to call and assemble a variety of warriors to fight as the Einherjar. It offers real-time combat geared toward breaking enemies and taking advantage of elemental vulnerabilities. The Einherjar can also be used as a grapple for platforming and assaulting foes in addition to navigating environmental obstacles.

The PC version of Valkyrie Elysium will be out on November 11th via Steam, and there is currently a free demo available on PlayStation systems (with carryover to the full game). On November 8th, a free update will be available that includes Seraphic Gate time attack battles, new difficulty settings, and “Hilde’s Vengeance,” a brand-new mode with Hilde as a playable character.