The YouTube Music redesign moved playlists, queues, and likes while removing the dislike feature

News Summary:

  • Reports suggest that the update is a server-side change and will be rolled out to Android devices in phases. This server-side change does not appear on iOS.

  • YouTube Music has made some tweaks to its Now Playing screen. According to a report, the redesign has moved some interface elements, such as playlists, queues, and likes, with support for the dislike feature removed.

Cast will appear in the top right corner, while the song or video switcher will appear one line down. The aversion option is not immediately accessible but is now at the top of the overflow menu. This comes after the main YouTube app hid public dislike counts.

The platform recently started showing an “other performances” section within the related tab, which appears below the “you might also like” and recommended playlists” sections.

A new element now tells users where the song is playing. The layout is reportedly complicated but reduces the need to swipe up to access more features.