The upcoming free game on the Epic Games Store has been announced

News Summary:

  • The company has offered a free title every week since the marketplace launched, with 103 games in 2020 worth a total of $2,407 based on US pricing. According to Epic, users used over 749 million free tracks last year. According to documents released as part of the Epic-Apple lawsuit, Epic Games spent about $12 million to secure titles for his recurring free game giveaway over nine months. This shows that Epic distributed 38 games in his first nine months on the store, each paying a different “buyback price” to developers.

  • Double Damage Games‘ open-world role-playing game Rebel Galaxy is available for free download from August 12th to 19th. It replaces the plague story: Innocence and Minit normally cost £34.99 and £6.99 respectively, but right now he’s available as a free download until August 12th. Speed ​​Brawl was originally scheduled to be a free download this week instead of Minit, but was replaced due to technical issues. Epic claimed in January that the Epic Games Store has attracted more than 160 million users to his PC since it launched in December 2018.

Games like Super Meat Boy, World of Goo, and Rime cost less than $50,000 for Epic, while Subnautica ($1.4 million), Mutant Year Zero ($1 million -$), Batman Arkham Collection ($1.5 million) 3 games cost more than $1 million.