The Steam Mobile App has received a major upgrade that we’ve been waiting for

News Summary:

  • Signing in to Steam via a QR code does not require an account name and password because “the process relies on two-factor credentials in the mobile app to provide secure access to Steam via your device.”

  • Valve says it has improved account security for the entire Steam platform (including updating the browser and desktop client login processes), making the app the best way to secure your account with two-factor authentication.

The mobile app also has a page of authorized devices with user account access (the date of their last activity is also indicated there), which can be revoked if necessary.

Finally, Valve thanked beta testers for their feedback and talked about future plans: logging in with a QR code on Steam Deck, new types of notifications, a list of authorized devices in the desktop client and browser.

In addition to Steam Mobile, Valve updated the Steam Chat app (on Android only), which gives you access to the same functionality as chat in the desktop client. Valve also recalled the Steam Link app for streaming PC games.

This really is a significant upgrade and one we’ve all been waiting for. Valve let Steam Mobile die a slow death until this innovation, so let’s hope they keep it up this time. It has a new design and is built on a whole new framework. Significant new additions like QR code sign-in, making it easier than ever to jump into Steam on new devices.

App features:

If you notice a bug, select it with the mouse and press CTRL + ENTER.