The release of The Legacy of Moonspell Vampire Survivors Android DLC has been confirmed

News Summary:

  • Some might think that it will take a while for the new port to catch up with the PC release in terms of content. Poncle seems to be trying to prove us wrong. No release date for the Vampire Survivors DLC for Android. Words from Poncle are “coming soon” release. You can interpret this statement however you like. Legacy Of The Moonspell is the first DLC for Vampire Survivors, and as you’d expect from the game, it’s content-rich. The DLC takes you to a feudal Japanese-style setting, but as you’d expect from Vampire His Survivor, the place is as monster-infested as its European counterpart.

  • The Vampire Survivors DLC, The Legacy Of The Moonspell, was released today on PC and consoles, but the Android version was suspiciously missing. But don’t worry. Because developer Poncle has tweeted that it’s coming out a bit late. If you’ve played Vampire Survivors until you have blisters on your thumbs this week, you’re probably not alone. A devilishly simple gothic roguelike game perfect for mobile gaming. It’s so compulsive to play that you might be forgiven if you blow through the content and see so much of what the game already has to offer.

Legacy Of The Moonspell introduces 8 new characters, 13 new weapons, and a huge new stage. Twenty-five times the size him in all previous stages, so expect to stay there for a while. The DLC trailer on Poncle Games’ YouTube channel offers a slightly surreal experience, with the Vampire Survivors character fully rendered in his very good 2D animations, giving the intro a proper anime feel. You can It may be difficult to beat the base game before it drops, but we want to be able to port it quickly.