The RealityScan 3D scanning app is now accessible on iOS

News Summary:

  • “RealityScan is his 3D scanning app for mobile devices that transforms photos into realistic 3D models. The app is designed to be very easy to use, so no experience is required to get started,” the company said. says. “Simply take photos of the object you want to replicate in 3D using your smartphone or tablet, and the app will assemble them into a 3D model.

  • Epic Games’ RealityScan app is now available for download for iOS. The app was released as a closed beta earlier this year and allows users to quickly and easily convert photos on his iPhone into 3D models of him. As reported by Engadget, the app launched on the Apple App Store late last week with the aim of allowing a game developer to scan real-world assets to create his 3D assets for game design.

Once you`re happy with the results, you can export to Sketchfab and share your creation with the world”. RealityScan was developed by Capturing Reality, a company that Epic acquired last year, and Quixel to allow developers to generate assets without having to build them from scratch.

Epic Games says that the app will prove to be incredibly valuable to game developers who want a particular or specific-looking object for a game and the ability to simply take a picture of the object instead of having to completely recreate it in 3D modeling software will save them countless hours of programming time.

As PetaPixel reported earlier this year, after an asset is scanned, users can then export the scan to Sketchfab — another 3D asset platform Epic purchased back in 2021 — where they can then sell the asset to other creatives or use it themselves in their virtual reality (VR), 3D, or augmented reality (AR) projects.

Epic says that it has larger plans for RealityScan in the future, and hits at more features and improvements that it hopes to roll out in the next year. Additionally, the company has announced that it will release a version of the app for Android devices in 2023. Subscribe to the RealityScan newsletter to stay updated on Android app progress and other major development milestones.