The Ninja Must Die Android release day is today and the pre-download is now available

News Summary:

  • Ninja Must Die is an action runner game that utilizes simple controls to offer simple gameplay that is both addictive and fun. Players take part in the action that takes place in a ninja fantasy world. There, you’ll be given superhuman strength that you’ll have to use to overcome various obstacles and enemies. With simple operability that can be operated with one finger, you can also play leisurely. The game also has bosses that the player defeats, and each boss has its own characteristics and style.

  • Pandada Games recently announced beta test dates for their new game Ninja Must Die. The game focuses on being a side-scrolling runner with unique and catchy graphics and will enter beta after a pre-registration period. Open beta testing for Ninja Must Die will begin on December 14, 2022, and will continue until the game’s worldwide release. Players who have access to the beta are those who have previously registered for the beta and had to wait until they had the chance to play the trial. It may indicate that it is ready and will be released soon.

The ink-and-wash graphics implemented in the game also help make the game more immersive and allow players to experience an action-packed game that differs from typical fighting games.