The much-anticipated update for Android Auto users is being teased by Waze

News Summary:

  • For example, the largest map is used in navigation solutions, where users always have a map on their screen. Similar to CarPlay, all apps will need to be updated to support card-based interfaces. That’s the main purpose of the beta program. This is intended to let users try Coolwalk and help Google improve the overall experience, while giving developers the resources they need to adapt their apps to redesign.

  • Coolwalk, now in beta, represents a major overhaul of the Android Auto experience, allowing users to run multiple apps side by side on the same screen, regardless of display size. Coolwalk is very similar to the CarPlay Dashboard in that it divides the available on-screen inventory into multiple cards. Each card is dedicated to a specific app, again a very similar approach.

Surprisingly, it took Google a long time to do this because one of their navigation apps is not yet compatible with Coolwalk. Waze, also owned by Google, does not support split-screen mode, which has been used on high-resolution displays for quite some time. cool walk. Currently, Waze can only be used in fullscreen mode on Android Auto with Coolwalk enabled. Google Maps, on the other hand, fully supports Coolwalk.

We’ve redesigned Android Auto. Needless to say, neither Google nor Waze have given an ETA on when this Waze update will go live, but it’s quite possible that it will go live in early 2023. Coolwalk doesn’t have an ETA either, but Google has It promises to start rolling out on production devices within the next year. Because they don’t want a half-baked experience.

The good news is that Waze is already working on Coolwalk support. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but it looks like the release of this big feature is just around the corner. started. It’s strange to see Waze calling Coolwalk a “dashboard”. The term is mostly used to describe his map-based CarPlay interface, but the Google-owned application last. It’s only a few days later that you feel really close.