The long-awaited StarFighter LinuxLaptop is now available for pre-order and surprises us with two screen options

News Summary:

  • Star Labs has been teasing us with a 4K Linux laptop for a few months now, but after some trial and error, the company finally decided to let customers choose between two screen options. So now you can buy the StarFighter laptop with either a 4K screen or a QHD screen.

  • British Linux hardware vendor Star Labs announced today that its long-awaited StarFighter Linux laptop is now available for pre-order, surprising us with two screen options, including one with a 4K screen.

“When we first teased the StarFighter, we were inundated with requests and feedback. The main disagreements were about the display. So, in true Star Labs fashion, we dug a little deeper and found a way to offer you both,” Star Labs said.

Another great thing about the StarFighter laptop is that you can buy it with an AMD Ryzen or Intel PCU. Under the hood, you’ll find both 45W 12th generation Intel “Alder Lake” Core i3-1215U (included in the base configuration), i7-1255U, or i9-12900H, and AMD Ryzen 7 6800H processors.

But there’s a catch, because the 4K (3840×2400) screen is the default option in the standard offering, but has a refresh rate of 60Hz with a power consumption of 8W, while the QHD (2560×1600) option has a refresh rate of 165Hz and costs more than the 4K model, but has a power consumption of 3.2W. The good news is that both are true matte screens with a much-needed 16:10 aspect ratio.

You can also configure this Linux laptop with up to 64GB of DDR5 RAM and up to 4TB of SSD storage. The StarFighter laptop also comes with a micro-arc oxidized AZ291D alloy chassis, a dedicated Wi-Fi kill switch, and removable Full HD 1080p 60fps webcam, and custom keyboard layouts.

“Our factory has agreed to run many more permutations than normal for our first batch of StarFighters,” Star Labs said. “This is limited to the first batch of 1,000 individually serialized StarFighters. Of these 1,000, we can make up to 400 with AMD processors and 200 with QHD displays. The most notable option is the custom keyboard layouts; you can have anything you want (copyright permitting) on the keyboard. We send you an SVG, you fill it in and it gets etched.”

Other highlights of the StarFighter laptop include an over-sized haptic glass trackpad with a fingerprint sensor, a backlit keyboard with Caps Lock and Function Lock indicators, two 4W high-performance front-facing speakers, dual microphones, Wi-Fi 6E wireless, Bluetooth 5.3, and Coreboot open-source firmware support.

In terms of connectivity, the Linux-powered laptop features ports for everything you need to connect these days, including HDMI 2.0, two USB-C ports (with Thunderbolt 4/USB4 support on all Intel models and USB 3.2 Gen 2 on AMD models), two USB-A ports, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and an SD card reader. Moreover, the StarFighter comes with an ITE 5570 embedded controller that handles all low-level functions such as power supply, keyboard, etc., an Optiga TPM 2.0 tamper-resistant secure microcontroller that uses advanced hardware security technology, a 65-watt charger and a huge battery that promises up to 18 hours of battery life.

Since this is a Linux-powered laptop, you can order the StarFighter with any popular GNU/Linux pre-installed, including Ubuntu 22.04 LTS, elementary OS 6.1, Linux Mint 21, Zorin OS 16.2, MX Linux 21.2, or Manjaro 21.3.7. The price for this laptop starts at £1,400 (~$1,660 USD) for the base configuration with the 4K display, 12th Gen Intel “Alder Lake” Core i3-1215U CPU, 16GB RAM, and 240GB SSD storage, and can go up to £2,988 (~$3,547 USD) for the ultimate configuration with the QHD display, 12th Gen Intel “Alder Lake” Core i9-12900H CPU, 64GB RAM, and 4TB SDD storage.

Estimated shipping is set for 4 – 5 months, but if you order it before November 28 (UTC+0), you’ll get an exclusive 10% discount that will be automatically applied at checkout. Buy yours now on Star Labs’ official website.