The latest version of Android 13 now allows custom icons for Twitter

News Summary:

  • The change was merged into his Android update by Chris Banes, who confirmed it in a tweet, the report says. “Enjoy the last changes we merged before leaving the aviary,” he tweeted. I was working on an Android app for This latest Twitter update which does not support the new Twitter Blue. It’s currently only available for iOS apps and offers a new form of platform verification and other features for $8/month (or more). Additionally, in a series of updates last week, Twitter confirmed that the microblogging platform will increase the character limit for tweets from 280 to 4,000.

  • Twitter for Android now supports themed icons on devices running Android 13 and higher with the latest stable update. According to 9to5Google, this includes both Google’s Pixel smartphone and Samsung Galaxy devices, both of which support this “Material You” theme for home screen icons. The new update will change the color of the Twitter icon to match your wallpaper and system, as well as other apps that support this feature. Other notable apps that support themed icons include Slack, Spotify, Telegram, Mastodon, and Reddit, according to the report.