The hack and slash F2P Action RPG game UNDECEMBER launches worldwide today

News Summary:

  • UNDECEMBER will be available on PC via Steam, Android, and iOS with cross-play support. Ahead of its debut, Steam users can also play a demo available from Oct. 3 to Oct. 11 as part of Steam Next Fest.

  • UNDECEMBER, the hack-and-slash free-to-play action RPG developed by Needs Games and published by LINE GAMES, will be released worldwide on Oct. 12, following its debut on Jan. 13 in the team’s home country. Initially, the game was to be released in other regions in the first quarter.

Key features:

UNDEFINED – Freedom to choose different combat styles.
There are no defined classes in UNDECEMBER. Once a character is created after customization, players can freely switch equipment and skills based on their play style.
Builds are divided into Strength, Dexterity, and Intelligence types, but there are no restrictions in terms of equipment or combination.

UNCHANGED – The fun of Hack & Slash comes from destroying numerous enemies at once.
In a genre where character growth is tied to destroying enemies to obtain new items, during development, emphasis was placed on the proposition of “getting stronger after exterminating enemies.”
Moving away from the typical growth system allows players to complete their unique builds.

Players are free to use magic with a sword or summon minions with a bow or create new unique builds of their own.

UNLIMITED – Infinite Combination of Skills
Runes are classified by Skill and Link Runes. Link Runes assist the effects of Skill Runes.
These Runes can be equipped in a separate space called the Rune Cast and can be obtained through farming or by completing quests. Each Rune has levels and grades, which can be upgraded with materials obtained through farming.

UNSTOPPABLE – Never-ending Choice of Contents
– Acts: The main scenario of UNDECEMBER.
– Chaos Dungeon: End-game content available after completing the main scenario.
– Boss Raid: A cooperative content with up to 8 players.
– Guild: Gather up to 50 members to gain exclusive benefits such as Guild Buffs.