The Callisto Protocol trailer explores the mysteries of Black Iron

News Summary:

  • By the time cargo ship pilot Jacob gets there, it is evident that Black Iron has experienced a catastrophe. Featuring words like “it’s a lie” crudely scrawled over their features in some cases, flyers with the faces of missing prisoners and employees have been displayed everywhere.

  • The central location of the horror game, shown in the new Callisto Protocol video, is a high-security jail on the Jovian moon where an experiment went awry.A new Callisto Protocol trailer has been released, and it provides a fresh look at the horror game’s futuristic setting: we’ll be visiting the Black Iron jail, a high-security facility constructed on Jupiter’s moon Callisto. Pilot Jacob Lee must determine what kind of experiment went wrong to discover how to escape.

Because of a bank of monitors, most likely in a central security station, Jacob remarks, “It’s like someone’s trying to cover up what’s occurring here.”

Since Black Iron may be located in a cemetery haunted by something much more awful, it seems as though there may be more going on than simply evil sci-fi experiments with alien parasites.

Additionally, we discover that the location of Black Iron jail was formerly the site of a colony of some type, which, like the rest of the moon, was eventually completely abandoned.

When the December release date for The Callisto Protocol comes around, we’ll know.