The Apple Silicon Mac Pro with M2 Ultra chip will be released when Apple (AAPL)

News Summary:

  • I have an M1 and M2 MacBook Air, and I have a MacBook Pro 13, 14, and 16. I have a 24-inch iMac (remember the yellow one) and a Mac Mini. It’s M1. I have Mac Studio with M1 Max and M1 Ultra options. But wait, what is this? An all-Intel Mac Pro that hasn’t been updated since its launch in 2019. This Mac Pro has all sorts of Intel chips. It can have both 8-core Xeon W and 28-core Xeon W, but not processors with M in the name. I will not let go of the foundation that Apple has built over the past two years. We – okay, let’s face it – the Intel line of MacBooks will pass the baton to their M1 and M2-powered successors.

  • Does anyone still remember June 22, 2020 vividly? We will. That was the day Apple announced that it would move its Macs from his Intel processors to their own chips. Tim Cook himself claimed that this transition would take him two years. Dear readers, more than two years have passed since that fateful day. Even with the launch of the M1 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro in November 2020, it’s been delayed. Apple’s ambitious schedule has not been met. Let’s take a look at the items currently for sale on his website at Apple. All MacBooks have moved to Arm processors.

This is probably the best generation of his MacBook ever. I’ve had great results on an iMac and a Mac Mini with an M1. I’m speechless with Mac Studio’s performance. As a reminder, the iPad has an M chip. But facts are facts. Apple missed a self-imposed deadline. The company did a poor job of distributing the M chip across the Mac line. After all, Apple released his M2 chip in June 2022 and it’s used in the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro 13 and iPad Pro. I have checked all these devices. It’s faster than the M1’s predecessor and doesn’t match the multi-core power of the M1 Pro or M1 Max.

Having just finished the testing process for the M2 MacBook, I was excited to see what the M2 Pro and M2 Max would show… What you don’t have yet. I expected more. There have been rumors of an M2 Mac Mini, and an outlet from Bloomberg to his DigiTimes reported that 14-inch and 16-inch Pro models with M2 Max chips could hit the market.