The Add to Queue feature on YouTube is coming to Android and iOS

News Summary:

  • According to the report, this feature (“Watch to Watch Lineup”) is prominently advertised as a “premium feature”. Now users can “save for later” or “save to playlist” to get back to what they don’t want to see right away. To test the new Queue feature in your Android or iOS app, users should tap their profile avatar in the upper right, go to Settings, and click Try New Features. According to reports, YouTube Queue will be available for testing on Android and iOS until January 28th. Earlier this week, the video streaming platform announced that it now displays an estimated time for a user’s uploads to be processed.

  • Video streaming platform YouTube is testing the Add to Queue feature in its Android and iOS apps.
    This feature is already available in the website version of YouTube. 9to5Google says that when the feature rolls out, you’ll see a new “Play Recently Queued” option at the top of the list in his three-dot overflow menu next to videos. Once selected, YouTube will create a queue at the bottom of the user screen.
    In this area, you can drag to rearrange the display order, or swipe left to delete. When the user plays something, it is added to the queue and can be undone.