Service for Streaming Because “hackers use it,” Crunchyroll disables privacy-focused email Tutanota

News Summary:

  • It is comparable to Proton Mail but more accessible to the general public.

  • Open-source email service Tutanota aims to offer greater privacy and security than conventional platforms.

When registering for Crunchyroll using Tutanota’s email, several users had a problem (a popular streaming service for anime and drama).

It makes sense that, in order to keep things organised, services and platforms cannot accept every email or domain.

They were unable to register using their Tutanota email. I made the same attempt but was unable to register.

Tutanota isn’t “simply another email service,” either. It is a widely used email service that prioritises privacy, similar to Proton Mail (affiliate link).

Consequently, it is also one of our favourites.

What prevents Crunchyroll from allowing Tutanota email signups, then?

Tutanota tweeted on Crunchyroll’s response to the situation: To put it another way, Crunchyroll banned Tutanota from its list because they think that many hackers used emails with the Tutanota domain to access their accounts.

Additionally, they advise consumers to sign up for their services without difficulty using email addresses provided by “Big Tech” corporations. News flash for Crunchyroll: email platforms of all types are used by hackers. Even in 2022, hostile actors can still abuse services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, and everything else.

So why is Tutanota prohibited despite being a well-known platform? This isn’t really a brand-new occurrence, though. Proton Mail was formerly actively blacklisted by DeviantArt because spammers utilised the service to register accounts. They are now no longer blocked.

I suppose it takes time for some well-known businesses to recognise privacy-respecting email platforms and come up with a more effective method of combating spammers than simply disabling email addresses that customers rely on. You should still use privacy tools to control your data, despite this.

You can try utilising email aliases to conceal your true email address when accessing Crunchyroll if you enjoy using Tutanota. Of course, it presents still another problem for those who despise email aliases. But for now, it ought to serve as a good workaround. You can use the following options listed in our article: