Seasonal content for Sky: Children of the Light is now playable

News Summary:

  • Each season, a new constellation will appear in your home constellation table. It is located between the Hidden Forest and the Valley of Triumph. This will give you 6 or 4 new spirit shops. Seasonal spirits can appear all at once, or new spirits can be introduced every week. Each of these seasonal spirits has cosmetics and other items that can be unlocked with the seasonal candle currency earned during the season. If a player doesn’t buy his pass for the season, only about half can. However, the spirits of the previous seasons return as Traveling His Spirits.

  • Season Events are limited-time themed events that come with the option to purchase a Season Pass. The Season Pass gives players access to additional cosmetics and facial expressions throughout the season in exchange for in-game purchases. Use the Sky Candle Calculator to find out how many Seasonal Candles you need to collect all Seasonal Cosmetics. Seasonal Events is an ongoing feature in Sky. Each season lasts approximately 9-11 weeks. During this period, you will have access to a limited number of seasonal spirit representations, cosmetics, props, instruments, invocations, and stances.

Offering past cosmetics and representations of out-of-season currency. Seasons and Seasonal Spirits themselves always follow a set theme and aesthetic. Seasons of Alliance, for example, introduced a family of seasonal spirits that players must collect and reunite. Starting with Season of Enchantment, the Spirit of the Season he can be found in the new Underworld instead of in the six main worlds. Season His Guides during active seasons will award Season His Candles as a reward for completing daily quests. This spirit also carries and sells the ultimate seasonal gifts available in Seasonal Hearts.