Running Android 13 is the Xiaomi 12 Pro

News Summary:

  • His MIUI beta update based on Android 13 has been released many times for Xiaomi 12 series models. Now there is an important surprise for people using these models. Xiaomi recently prepared his MIUI update based on the new stable Xiaomi 12 / Pro Android 13. It will be rolled out to all users soon. Unfortunately, his MIUI update based on Android 13 that was originally released has been rolled back.

  • We published a lot of news about the new MIUI version based on Android 13 on our website. Very interesting is the new MIUI version based on Android 13. This is a huge improvement for users. Xiaomi is testing his MIUI version based on the new Android 13 on most of its smartphones. It said that the first Xiaomi 12 series will receive a new Android version.

Xiaomi continues to work to keep users out of trouble. Xiaomi 12/Pro is one of the latest flagship models. These models will be the first Xiaomi smartphones to receive the MIUI update for his new Android 13-based stable. New Android versions come with great features. Xiaomi 12/Pro is the flagship smartphone launched in December 2021. The striking design includes a high-quality camera sensor and powerful chipset.

Her MIUI update based on Android 13 that was originally released has been rolled back due to some bugs. Xiaomi has prepared a new update to satisfy its users. Stable new Xiaomi 12 Android 13 based MIUI update said ready and coming soon.As of today Xiaomi 12 received new Android 13 update in his EEA and worldwide. 

The current versions of the models are V13.2.1.0.TLBMIXM, V13.2.6.0.TLBEUXM, V13.2.3.0.TLCMIXM, and V13.2.6.0.TLCEUXM. A new Android 13 version is being gradually introduced and brands are working hard to adapt this new Android version to their devices. One of those brands is Xiaomi. She is testing her Android 13 update on her over 30 smartphones.