Quatamacy: The Purgatory, a relationship-building roguelite action-RPG from Holypunk, has no official release date yet

News Summary:

  • Here is an overview of the game via Corecell Technology:

  • AeternoBlade series developer Corecell Technology has announced roguelite action RPG Quantamancy: The Purgatory for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (Steam). A release date has not been announced.

How will you justify your existence in a world where technology and miracles challenge reality and beliefs, narrow the gap between man and god, and blur the line between good and evil?

Titled Quantamancy: The Purgatory (even the name is a hit), the RPG will be available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC (via Steam). The only annoying thing, however, is that we don’t have an official release date.

Quantamancy: Purgatory is a Holypunk relationship-building roguelite action RPG. Take control of an incompatible duo: a hard-boiled underworld criminal on the run and an innocent talentless young girl entangled by fate. Team up with seven other unique playable characters, each with their own goals. Master the broken relationships between them to strive for survival or virtue. Hack your way out of moral bindings to unravel unprecedented hidden revelations.

Roguelite Gameplay Setting:

Corecell features Quantamancy: The Purgatory as roguelite, a subgenre of roguelike games. In the last era of video games, this genre has attracted a lot of attention, especially with the onslaught of games like Hades and Monster Train.

Games from this category usually contain enticing lore, becoming the attention’s primary focus.

Unlike AAA titles, which offer people a level of immersion in the world. Roguelite games are more the setting of a non-graphically oriented, non-linear platform developing dungeon-exploring escapades. Perma-death of main characters:

Anyone who has played Hades or other notable Roguelite games knows how the genre takes its toll. The most striking aspect of such games is the possibility of the perma-death of the main character. Since there are multiple characters (2+7), the choices given in the game will likely cause some characters to die.

A possible level-oriented dungeon crawl gameplay: Roguelite games usually have a level-platforming system. Take Pokémon Mystery Dungeon, for example, which had a non-dungeon main world and multiple missions focused on exploring numerous dungeons.

So it is not unlikely that Quantamancy will have a platform-level system. As the story progresses, players will have to navigate through the levels of a dungeon. A setting that builds relationships:

Now the history of relationship-building in action-RPG games is just gross. One possible comparison is with the attachment process between Sims, but that’s an entirely different universe. Relationship building will probably refer to the possibilities between the main characters. If you’ve played any Harvest Moon series, you know how players could bond with different townspeople.