PS Plus subscriptions still outnumber Xbox Game Pass subscriptions

News Summary:

  • However, that’s not to say that the new version of Playstation Plus can’t be a big game changer in the near future. The fact that people have been paying for two separate services – PS Plus and PS Now – and will now find it much easier to use them once they are merged means that Sony’s move is a good one. However, that alone isn’t anything earth-shattering, and there were some who thought that Spartacus, when it finally launched, would actually be the kind of service that would really give Microsoft pause for thought.

  • After months of rumors, Sony has now officially unveiled its new version of the PlayStation Plus service. Long heralded by some as the company’s answer to Xbox Game Pass, it’s no big surprise that when Project Spartacus was announced, everyone in the gaming community reacted with some disappointment.

It’s pretty clear that while there’s nothing fundamentally wrong with the way Sony is rolling out the new PlayStation Plus changes, there are some questions about why they’ve chosen to go about it this way. Indeed, this new subscription model won’t be an Xbox Game Pass killer; it’s not even clear if it will be a true competitor.

In a way, Microsoft has actually captured this part of the market, because everything that comes after it is seen as competition. Even before Spartacus was announced, it was seen as a competitor to Microsoft’s service, and now it makes perfect sense for the two offerings to be compared. Such a comparison seems to hurt Sony, but Sony’s approach to the PlayStation Plus changes is more purposeful.

Combining PS Now and PlayStation Plus is similar to what Xbox did with the launch of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. It makes perfect sense to combine the game streaming service and the game subscription services, if only to make it easier for customers. It’s honestly a bit surprising that it took this long for Project Spartacus to become a reality when you look at it from that perspective. It looks like Sony could have made it happen almost immediately after the official launch of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. You could also argue that Sony wouldn’t have lost so much ground to Game Pass if it had already struck while the iron was hot.

Sony might have figured that offering two different price points would be even more attractive to potential PlayStation Plus subscribers. That’s not even a particularly bad idea, as it might attract subscribers who aren’t willing to buy everything at once. The only problem is that the lowest tier, which still allows users to stream or download games at no extra charge, happens to have the same $14.99 price as the Xbox Game Pass monthly fee.