Preload God of War: Ragnarok now on PS4/PS5 to play at launch

News Summary:

  • Like any other first-party PlayStation exclusive, the preload of God of War Ragnarok begins nearly a week before the title’s release, giving players ample time to download the game onto their console and play it at launch.

  • The highly anticipated God of War Ragnarok is just around the corner, and PlayStation gamers have been patiently waiting for its announcement since 2020. Preloads for the highly anticipated sequel to one of the best games of the last console generation is now live for anyone who pre-orders the game through the PlayStation Store.

The sequel also comes with a considerable download size, requiring players to make space on their hard drives before installing GOW Ragnarok, especially on base model PS4s and PS5s without storage expansion.

Estimated file size for God of War Ragnarok preload on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5:

Here’s everything players need to know about God of War Ragnarok and its preload on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

It is no secret that the scale and scope of God of War Ragnarok is enormous, in fact, much larger than its 2018 predecessor, which in itself was a huge step up from previous games in the franchise.

The new God of War titles, appropriately called the Norse saga, take a rather non-linear approach to progression, with a semi-open world structure full of interesting side missions for players to engage in.

This time around, players can traverse all nine realms, each with its biomes, enemies, bosses and secrets. All this leads to the game having a huge file size, almost twice the size of the previous title. Here are the estimated download sizes for GOW Ragnarok’s preload on all available platforms:

God of War Ragnarok’s download size (US): God of War Ragnarok’s download size (US):

In addition to the game’s preload size, the approximate download size of GOW Ragnarok’s official artbook and soundtrack, which comes with the digital deluxe bundle, has also been announced: approximately 1.072 GB. God of War Ragnarok story leaked, and a message from Santa Monica Studios to players:

Santa Monica Studios, the very talented development team behind the God of War series, recently issued an emergency call to players regarding GOW Ragnarok spoilers that have leaked and surfaced online. The leaks were mainly due to some retailers breaking the game’s street date, allowing some players to get their hands on the physical game disc for the PlayStation 5 console.

The game was almost a week away from release, and players accidentally stumbling upon major story-related spoilers could hurt their expectations of the game. It is thus advised by PlayStation and Santa Monica Studios for players to mute essential keywords related to the upcoming title. God of War (2018) was a phenomenal story-driven title that reinvigorated not only the God of War franchise, but also the single-player action-adventure genre.

Although it strayed much further from the classic games, both in terms of story and gameplay, it still retained the core essence of the series, visceral yet satisfying combat, fun environmental puzzles, spectacular boss fights and so many other exciting challenges. Now with GOW Ragnarok, which is also the finale of Kratos’ Norse saga, Santa Monica Studios brings even more of what made God of War (2018) such a great experience, while at the same time evolving every concept that was brought to fruition in the previous game.