Performance is boosted by the virtual desktop, but it now requires internet

News Summary:

  • The update also reduces SteamVR micro stutter, adds support for PlayStation DualShock 4 controllers, and fixes compatibility with Rift Store versions of X-Plane 11, Among Us VR, Vail, Ghosts of Tabor, and Synth Riders. What is controversial, however, is that the update adds an internet connection requirement. It’s the only way, and I hope you understand,” Godin told customers. According to Godin, all actual traffic stays local and only requires internet connectivity when connecting to a PC. The developer joined the comments on his VR Downloads discussion this week to discuss the changes.

  • The latest update to Virtual Desktop improves PC VR performance but adds internet connectivity. Since the release of his Oculus Quest in 2019, Guy Godin’s Virtual Desktop app has allowed him to stream and play his PC VR games over his Wi-Fi network at home. (assuming you have a gaming PC). Initially rejected by Meta, the feature had to be patched through SideQuest, but the company eventually gave in just before launching its own built-in alternative, Air Link. The latest virtual desktop updates “better parallelize work on computer GPUs.” Godin claims you should see up to 20% improvement in PC VR games.

With the launch of Pico 4, virtual desktops were also introduced to Pico headsets. New updates are rolling out for both Quest and Pico.