PC gamers share a fantastically simple tip for making games load faster

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  • You don’t have to feel Bladepoint and Sonic Frontier. That said, gamers face the cyclical problem of expanding their game library with each sale. your hardware. Of course, every year there are further developments and upgrades of cards, memory, power supplies, etc. However, you can easily improve your PC gaming session in just a few minutes. Reddit user Help_An_Irishman shared his wisdom on the PC gaming subreddit.

  • Listen, listen – we’re about to show you one of the easiest tricks that will significantly speed up your game in a gaming session and won’t cost you a penny. We are in the middle of the holidays so I think this is music for your ears. It turns out that the Steam Winter Sale will start by the end of this week, but stress less because you can get your hands on games like Ready or Not, Two Point Campus, Persona 5 Royal, and Naraka by early January.

Via the PC Gaming Wiki, players can skip images and videos promoting the game’s developer or publisher by deleting the files in the game’s folder. For Days Gone, for example, it’s easy. All this information is laid out neatly and clearly in a wiki entry so you don’t have to be a tech genius to skip long images and videos. Granted, it won’t make much of a difference in overall boot time, but it will be noticeable.