PanelRabbit is a new puzzle game from StirSystem Inc. for iOS and Android

News Summary:

  • Natural enemies such as foxes and bears that try to catch rabbits are also lurking on the stage. Use the board to block the route and change the destination, or use the board for the rabbit to hide behind and reach the destination. Over 70 unique-looking bunnies, including ladybug and dandelion-themed ones! In exchange for their help, hand over the carrots you find on the stage. As you progress through the levels, various panel gimmicks are revealed for challenging gameplay. Use your head to conquer the stages. There is no time limit, so you can take your time and think carefully.

  • PanelRabbit is a puzzle game where you line up panels and lead rabbits to the goal. The rabbits lived peacefully in the forest, but one day they were hit by a big storm. The surviving pink bunnies embark on a journey to the outside world to find their missing friends. To avoid encounters with bears, foxes, and other dangerous creatures, the player must track the animal’s direction and place the board accordingly.
    Predict the route that the rabbit will follow, and line up the panels to reach the goal. After the placement is complete, let the rabbit actually walk the created path.