Oppo is committed to the innovative new standard for Android OS updates

News Summary:

  • In today’s blog post, Oppo writes: “Oppo also announced a new update policy for ColorOS, which includes a guaranteed 4 major ColorOS updates including security patches for 5 years for global users on select flagship models starting in 2023. includes a commitment to “By continuing to build ColorOS, Oppo aims to provide users around the world with a longer lasting, more stable and smarter experience.” Oppo is also celebrating the fastest ever rollout of Android 13 through the ColorOS 13 user interface based on the new version of the operating system.

  • Things have changed a lot in recent years, with companies like Samsung, OnePlus, and Google all grappling with multi-year update schedules aligned with the lifespan of the hardware itself. Oppo is now the latest manufacturer to deliver major Android updates for his four years and security patches for another year. This is in line with OnePlus’ commitment. Not surprising considering they’re basically the same company these days. Samsung offers a similar warranty to its users, while Google promises his 3-4 year warranty for his Pixel smartphones. You can see the company stepping it up again to rival third-party manufacturers.

He now has 33 Oppo devices running Android 13, a 50% increase over the same period last year. “Since its launch on August 18, 2022, ColorOS 13 has shipped to 33 smartphone models worldwide, making it the fastest and biggest update in ColorOS history,” the company wrote. “In the same four months since the official release, more than 50% more phone models have been upgraded to ColorOS 13 (from Aug. 18 to 12, 2022) than to ColorOS 12 (data from Oct. 11, 2021 to Feb. 11/11, 2021). was compatible with data up to March 18/2022).”