nothing Phone Production was completely rejected by Apple iPhone Manufacturer

News Summary:

  • There’s no hint that Apple has any say in the matter, as the Nothing Phone (1) competes only with the iPhone SE — and even then, only in certain markets. But that may be about to change, Pei said his company is now ready to enter the US market. “The reason we don’t launch in the US is that you need a lot of extra technical support, to support all the carriers and their unique customizations they have to do on Android,” explains Pei. “We felt we weren’t ready before”.

  • Apple’s iPhone maker, Foxconn, is said to have flatly refused to participate in helping Nothing build its first phone, even though similar companies have used the phone maker this in the past. It’s nothing Carl Pei says Foxconn doesn’t want to get involved, saying past failures have held him back, giving his company a chance. Pei also said Nothing plans to launch the phone in the US, possibly to counter Apple’s high-end iPhones. Pei, co-founder of Chinese phone company OnePlus and now a director of Nothing said Foxconn is concerned about its track record with startups.

Foxconn may not be the company that makes this phone or the phones Nothing else – they’re all made in India – but more competition with Apple’s iPhone is always a good thing consumer. Whether it can compete with Apple’s best iPhones is another matter, but time will surely tell. However, the iPhone is not the only product that nothing can compete with. Nothing Ear (1) headphones compete with AirPods, NBC reports that 600,000 units have been sold.