Microsoft is working on Android 13 and other features for the Windows subsystem for Android

News Summary:

  • Although WSA is not fully open-source software, Microsoft has now set up a GitHub repository for the community to report issues and submit new feature requests for the subsystem. The repository not only serves as a central point of interaction with developers, but also contains the official Windows Subsystem for Android development roadmap. While the arrival of Android 13 is indeed in the strategy, the company also plans to introduce a plethora of new functionalities in the near future.

  • In Windows 11, the Windows Subsystem for Android (WSA) is a platform that lets you seamlessly run Android apps on your laptop or desktop alongside regular Windows apps. Microsoft updated the underlying layer of the WSA to Android 12L in May. With the first feature drop for Windows 11 version 22H2, the Android subsystem is now officially out of preview and the development team is already eyeing the Android 13 update.

According to the initial roadmap, Microsoft is working on a file transfer feature that will greatly simplify the process of transferring files between the Android container and Windows. Of course, you can use ADB to interact with the current version of WSA, but a graphical interface that integrates with Windows Explorer would be great for regular users.

However, that is not all by far. Microsoft also lists several other features that are in high demand but are currently not supported by the Windows Subsystem for Android. For example, direct USB access is currently not allowed and not planned in the future roadmap, but the company continues to evaluate the potential due to the high demand.

Local network access is another feature that is on the way. This will hopefully remove a number of network-related obstacles that the WSA community faces. A picture-in-picture mode is also planned, allowing you to run Android apps in a small rectangular area right on top of native Windows apps.