Laptop and mobile phone were damaged; Greenwood Park Mall shooter had ‘no apparent motivation’

News Summary:

  • The second photo shows him with his eyes down and his backpack full of weapons. Why Sapiaman chose the Greenwood Park Mall to shoot and this particular date are questions that may never be answered. Before he walked the mile (one mile) from his apartment to the mall, Sapirman put his laptop in the oven. “He also had a butane gas tank in the oven. A butane tank exploded and damaged my laptop so badly that I couldn’t access my files,” Ison said. Before the shooting, Sapirman had gone to the bathroom and browsed his ex-girlfriend’s social media page for his hour.

  • Greenwood Park Mall shooter Jonathan Sapilman had a laptop and a cell phone. Greenwood Police and his FBI hoped the motive behind the shooting would be revealed in one of these devices. “There is no clear motive as to why the shooter committed this crime or why he chose the time and place. We haven’t left a manifesto to do so,” Greenwood Police Commissioner James Ison said. Police released a photo of Sapirman entering the Greenwood Park mall just before 5pm. July 17th, the day of shooting. He has his head down and his eyes are on his phone.

Before 6pm he threw his mobile phone down the toilet. The FBI has dried the phone and turned it on, but he needs a six-digit password to access the content. The FBI has special software to unlock cell phones, but police say he has a million possible passwords. “This process is still ongoing and it could take years to unlock,” said Ison. Using a search warrant, investigators searched his entire known digital footprint. According to police, Sapirman left more than 700 comments on Reddit between 2017 and 2022.

One of his posts caught the eye of another of his Reddit users, whose name was reported to his FBI’s Baltimore office. Investigators were able to track down the Wi-Fi system Sapirman was using at the Greenwood apartment complex. He made no threats, so the investigation ended there.

He was well versed in World War II history and had a particular interest in Nazi Germany. Many of his comments online were about genocide. “I was unable to find any comments from gunmen on these subreddits indicating they were planning such an attack. The shooter admitted to several people that he had researched and researched mass murderers and serial killers,” Ison said. Investigators found a common theme in these posts. Sapilman enjoyed discussing the tactics, motivations, and details of other mass shootings.