Lana Del Rey reveals that her Laptop was stolen from her car with new music

News Summary:

  • The 37-year-old New Yorker told her fans that thieves stole her backpack containing her computer, several hard drives and a camcorder.

  • Lana Del Rey appealed to her fans not to listen to leaked music after some of her most valuable items were stolen in a burglary in California.

“A few months ago, I parked my car at Melrose Place – actually Melrose Ave. in Los Angeles – and left for a minute,” she said Wednesday in a now-deleted Instagram Live video.

The singer was in the middle of writing a book for publishing giant Simon & Schuster, but revealed that the 200-page manuscript was among the stolen items, as was a camcorder containing irreplaceable family footage.

“And the one time I left my backpack in my car, someone smashed all the windows and took it.”

“I had to remotely wipe the computer that had my 200-page book for Simon and Schuster on it because I didn’t have a backup in the cloud,” she said.

“And yet people can still remotely access my phone and leak our songs and personal photos. I loved the book I lost with all my heart and put a lot of passion into it.”

The “Ride” hitmaker, whose real name is Elizabeth Grant, said her ninth studio album was also loaded on the stolen laptop, adding to the strain of the situation.

However, the singer/songwriter said she is “confident” the album will be officially released at some point after last year’s “Blue Banisters,” but admitted she had to “start from scratch.” “I just want to mention that despite all these events, I’m confident about the upcoming record – despite so many safety factors on so many different levels. I really want to persevere and set the best record possible,” she said.

She urged her fans to ignore anything that gets out to the public, including new music and personal recordings.