New iPhone X Accidentally Leaked By Apple

While the iPhone X had already generated so much enthusiasm among fans around the world, the upcoming iPhone X Plus and the budget iPhone have received as much attention. Leaks and rumors have surrounded Apple’s upcoming smartphones, and the recent leak reveals more details about the future flagship Apple – iPhone X Plus.

Reportedly, Apple accidentally spilled the beans over the details with the beta version of the yet to be released software update iOS 12. The details were revealed when testers of ihelpBR were playing with the iOS 12 beta 5 update that the resolution of the 6.5-inch screen of the iPhone X Plus. The software update has already been developed for the upcoming larger smartphone.

As the testers know, the codes of the iOS 12 beta 5 contain information about the 6.5-inch iPhone that may have the highest screen resolution, higher than any other previous iOS devices.

The results show that it will have a resolution of 2688 x 1242 pixels and the screen supports the landscape mode for various core apps of the iPhone. The landscape mode has so far only been included on the Plus models (iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus). The same fact shows that the phone is a Plus model with the expected size of about 6.5 inches.

ihelpbr revealed the details as mentioned above by running the iOS 12 beta on Apple’s Xcode iOS simulator. The landscape for exclusive iPhone apps and a few other interfaces are unique to the iPhone X Plus model, and they will not be seen on the cheaper 5.8-inch iOS smartphone.