If you’re hungry for more from the Xbox Game Pass hit, the first DLC for Vampire Survivors is available now

News Summary:

  • There our hero guards the boundary between the material and spiritual worlds. The veil here is always thin, and all manner of ogres, youkai, and gods slip through from time to time. Forged in the flames of fighting these creatures, Moonspell’s pass down the art of hunting monsters from generation to generation. I came.
    But as time passed, cracks in the veil widened, creating waves of enemies that even the lunar spell could not hold back. The land was invaded. Villages and temples fell. The Moonspell were forced to retreat in hopes of reclaiming their ancestral lands.

  • Since we launched Vampire Survivors into Early Access a year ago, we’ve been thrilled and inspired by the love you’ve shown for the game. Since launching Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass a little over a month ago, you’ve shown us how much fun it can be to “go bullet hell”. In fact, some of you have spent hundreds of hours on Game Pass since we released it… see you (and thank you). Today we will satisfy your hunger with our first expansion. A tale of whips, wands, arcana, and monsters takes you to the Northern Alps of Japan, home of the Moonspell clan.

Nothing is quite what it seems and there is always so much to discover. Step into the mountains with the Moonspell Clan and you’ll find a growing roster, more formidable weapons, and allies to show that it’s not all as it seems on the surface. Survivors, it’s dangerous to go alone. No matter what happens, death will always come. However, Legacy of the Moonspell presents a fighting chance against the darkness. And in his Survivor way, True Vampire maintains an affordable price of just $1.99 (see below for comparable prices in your area).

Not only can you download the massive base game with Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, but the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC costs less than a cup of coffee (even a terrible one). Hundreds of hours of gameplay await you. If you haven’t tried your luck as a survivor yet, now is your chance. Vampire Survivors is available on Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, and the Legacy of the Moonspell DLC is available today in the Microsoft Store.