I spotted my Android phone fifty miles away

News Summary:

  • I immediately returned to Aldi and looked around the store and parking lot and found nothing. Then we went back to the cinema. One of her young employees, a student, used the light on her cell phone to find the chair I was sitting on. I called to see if it turned on and the phone would ring, but nothing happened. I went back to Aldi again and called the Barron County shipping office to report my lost phone. I went home on the highway. After searching extensively, I was really upset that I lost my phone without knowing where it was.

  • This isn’t the usual type of article I write for the Sawyer County Record, but I thought it would be worthwhile to share my experience with anyone who is a little behind the days of smartphones. I don’t know about What happened was that on Wednesday, November 23, after his day of deer hunting, he decided to treat himself to a movie theater in Rice Lake, where he saw a movie and then did some shopping. We stopped at Kwik after we stopped at Aldi for the sake. Travel for gas. Only 15 minutes after the movie ended, he realized he didn’t have his LG Android smartphone.

Thursday morning, I arrived at work and used my Record computer to tell a friend on her personal Facebook page that I had lost my smartphone. Please contact my landline or Record’s landline. At the time, he at Spooner said Andy Scalzo had posted me on his Facebook and noticed that the iPhone was using the app, so he needed to see if there was a way to find the Android app. Initially, I didn’t heed Scalzo’s advice: there was a way to find an Android phone in an app. He did little research and told me to go to www. android.com/find. He said it works when the phone is connected to my Google account.