Hunter Biden is silent on the Laptop-Washington Post revelations Twitter

News Summary:

  • Reporters on the White House team covering the ceremony sought to question Hunter Biden about the release of the so-called “Twitter Files” and the impending Republican investigations into foreign business dealings. his, detailed by the Post in 2020. Hunter Biden, sitting in the back of the room with his wife, Melissa Cohen, smiled and walked away as the band started playing U2 songs. Daily Mail reporter Geoff Earle took a photo of Hunter Biden at the event welcoming members of the public.

  • Hunter Biden asked during a White House event on Sunday about the release of documents on Twitter showing how the social media giant deleted the Post’s hit reports on his laptop. in October 2020. The first son attended an all-star reception in the East Room, where President Biden addressed the Kennedy Center honorees, including George Clooney, Irish rock band U2, Grammy Award winner Gladys Knight, composer Tania León and singer-songwriter Amy Grant.

Hunter Biden, at a White House reception for Kennedy Center honorees, ignored questions about Twitter`s report on censoring The Post`s report on him in October 2020. “Hunter Biden worked the room in black tie​,” Earle wrote in a caption to the pic.​ Twitter owner Elon Musk released details of the internal deliberations behind the decision by a small circle of top Twitter executives to censor The Post`s reporting on Hunter Biden in 2020.

The Post`s Miranda Devine reported on Monday that one of the execs involved in the decision to block the Hunter Biden story said in a sworn deposition that the FBI had warned the company during “weekly” meetings before the 2020 presidential election to beware of “hack-and-leak operations” involving state actors involving the first son. ​”The extraordinary revelation for the first time lays bare how the FBI was involved in pre-bunking the story of the laptop, which had been in the bureau`s possession for almost a year​,” Devine wrote.

The documents, released in a report by journalist Matt Taibbi on Friday, showed that the group kept their discussions secret from then-CEO Jack Dorsey and ultimately decided that the article may have included “hacked materials”. “Although several sources recalled hearing about a `general` warning from federal law enforcement that summer about possible foreign hacks, there`s no evidence — that I`ve seen — of any government involvement in the laptop story,” Taibbi wrote.​

She wrote in her column that the FBI agent who organized those meetings with Big Tech was Supervisory Special Agent Elvis Chan, who wrote in his postgraduate thesis about ​his belief that Russia interfered in the 2016 election to help then-Republican candidate Donald Trump. Republicans seized on the Taibbi report to point to the warm relationship between Big Tech, the mainstream media, and the Democrats to keep some information secret, as well as the Biden family’s involvement in Hunter Biden’s business dealings.