Hideo Kojima introduced Death Stranding 2 at The Game Awards 2022

News Summary:

  • He immediately discarded the sequel when he had to. And he started over. Here’s the trailer for his debut at The Game Awards tonight. His original Death Stranding, essentially a game where you are a postman with a very good waterproof jacket and a baby in a bottle, was released in 2019 and was so great that I reviewed it twice. Harper said for the first time. The second time was this great video by Tim Rogers for his review.

  • After Hideo Kojima teased it for weeks, Hideo Kojima’s next project was announced tonight, which comes as a bit of a surprise: a direct sequel to Death Stranding. Given how the first game did, I’m not sure many people were expecting a sequel, so I say surprise…and after doing something new with Death Stranding, Because I think people thought he would do something new again? I don’t think so! Interestingly, after the onstage reveal, Kojima, who had begun writing the story for Death Stranding 2 before the pandemic hit, had to go through something similar to what was predicted for the first game.