Google is now allowing more apps on Android Auto, and that’s why it’s a big deal

News Summary:

  • Starting with this upcoming Auto App Library update, the list will expand to include Internet of Things apps. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand why this is big news for the future of Android Auto, or how new features can make your in-car experience even better. IoT app support allows users to control their smart home directly from Android Auto. For example, you can open and close garage doors, turn lights on and off, and control all other sensors. All they need is for app developers to add support for Android Auto, but that’s likely just a matter of time.

  • A search company has decided to open up its platform to another app category. This will allow developers to create utilities that allow users to smartly control her home. IoT apps are currently supported on Android Auto and Android Automotive, and the first versions leveraging this new functionality are already in the works. Android Auto currently supports only a few app categories, such as media apps (such as Spotify and YouTube Music), messaging apps (not only native Android services, but also Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, etc.), navigation software, POI utilities, etc.

Home Assistant developers, for example, are already working to add such functionality to their app, and the latest beta gives users a glimpse of how it all works. A stable build will be available in the next two weeks. Google explains that his IoT app support on Android Auto has many obvious limitations. For example, these apps should not allow users to set up apps, create or modify scenes or routines, or perform tasks related to fine-grained device control. In other words, the app must not allow anything that might distract the driver.


On the other hand, with such software, drivers can display the current state of the device (for example, the user can see if the garage door is open or closed) and one-touch functionality for controlling IoT devices. to notify users about events. at the configured location. So, much like today’s mobile his devices, you can get notifications via Android Auto when your smart vacuum cleaner finishes cleaning. All of these features will be coming to Android Auto in the coming months. And with the first apps already in cars, it’s only a matter of time before his IoT support behind the wheel gains even more momentum.