Further testing is recommended before rolling out v6.1 with Backlight Fixes For Linux Laptop

News Summary:

  • But there is still more work to be done, and he called for further testing by Linux laptop users to ensure the reworked backlight works appropriately.

  • Last month, Red Hat engineer Hans de Goede warned that old and “weird” laptops with the upcoming Linux 6.1 kernel might experience a broken backlight. He put out a call for testing and, as a result, received valuable feedback that led to some new fixes that are now on their way.

Saturday, Hans de Goede blogged about the laptops that appeared to suffer from this reworking of the backlight brightness code and other details from this user test feedback.

But for the Linux 6.2 merge window, he aims to get more of this backlight refactoring done without degrading support for Linux laptops. So he has issued a second call for testing if you want an older/”odd” laptop to ensure the backlighting continues to work under Linux.

He has now also submitted a series of patches to fix regressions in the new backlight code for the Linux 6.1 kernel. With that, the backlight code should be in good shape for Linux 6.1, at least based on test information he has received for an assortment of laptops.

Testing amounts to capturing various dumps of sysfs, DMI decode output, ACPI dump, and related information for your laptop(s).