Fortnite Reported To Match Keyboards and Mouse Console Players with PC Components

Epic Games is working on matchmaking technology that connects those who play Fortnite with a keyboard and mouse on the console with PC players. In response to a Reddit thread, claiming that those using the keyboard and mouse for Fortnite on the console have an “unfair advantage,” the Epic Games community manager revealed that the developer is addressing the problem.

“In the meantime, we are working on a pair of matchmaking technology that connects you to people based on your choice of peripherals,” the community manager replied. “More information about this next week, but to; dr if you’re on KB + M, you’ll be against KB + M.”

Keyboard and Mouse vs. Controller

At this time, Fortnite console users can cross-platform with those on the PC. Because the use of a keyboard and mouse makes the target more accurate, console users often choose to play against players on the same platform instead of PC players.

However, console players are not limited to the use of a controller (in the same way that PC players are not limited to the use of a keyboard and mouse): it is possible to connect a keyboard and mouse to a console, to provide you with better accuracy. The problem with this (as the redditor notes) is that it leaves those who use controllers at a disadvantage.

It seems that Epic Games is now working on a solution to this problem, developing technology that predetermines whether a player uses a keyboard and mouse, or a controller, and match them with someone using the same input device.

Unfortunately, Epic Games did not give any further details on how this technology will work, or when we can expect it to be implemented. But according to the community manager, we will hear more about it next week.