Discontinuation of Google Assistant Driving Mode services

News Summary:

  • It replaces the original Android Auto interface, which many found difficult to use and visually unappealing. A new assistant driving app was expected to solve these problems. Developers created the Google Assistant Driving Mode app to help keep drivers safe and distraction-free while driving. The app is automatically enabled when connected to the vehicle’s Bluetooth. Users can also add shortcuts to their home screen.
    Like a true assistant, you can use your voice to send personal or work messages and make phone calls. You can even control media playback without leaving the road.

  • Google Assistant Driving Mode will be retired in November 2022. Google’s October 2022 announcement caused a lot of excitement on the internet. The shutdown came as a surprise to many, as the tech giant had just announced the launch of an assisted driving mode in 2019. Assistants are generally well received, but there were complaints about how they drove. Some are happy with this decision, while others are not so convinced. Read below to learn more about why Google is discontinuing this service. Google has announced that Assistant Driving Mode will launch with Android 12.

The assistant helped keep my hands and eyes where they should be. A map-based driving mode interface helps reduce driver distraction. Drivers can quickly see information on the map, such as the song that is playing or the name of the person calling. This directs the driver’s attention to the road and reduces the risk of accidents. But the app got off to a bad start. Google announced he would launch it in 2019, but it took him over a year to finally make it available to some of his Android users. It was launched in other countries in 2021, just over a year ago. Still, some users complained that it was buggy and difficult to use.

One of them is similar in function and name to the driving mode in Google Maps. Most people may not be aware that there is such a thing as an assistant driving mode. Practically the same it does not make sense to maintain two services. Another reason is that Google Maps offers better navigation capabilities than the Assistant Driving Mode dashboard. Many users criticized the driving assistant for being unwieldy and not very engaging.

Still, some users thought it was Bee’s Knee when it came out. When Google Assistant’s Driving Mode dashboard is closed on November 21, 2022, the driver will no longer be able to access its many features. Drivers will still have access to Google Assistant but without the dashboard functionality. The announcement elicited mixed reactions from users. Some are happy that they no longer have to deal with dashboard distractions. Others are upset about losing access to these features. So what triggered the closure? There are several reasons why Google is making this change.