Darktide (Warhammer 40K) Xbox launch has been delayed to allow developers to iron out any issues

News Summary:

  • We will continue to work on optimizing game stability and performance, with a particular focus on delivering a complete crafting system and a more rewarding progression loop. ” Fatshark delays Darktide season content and Xbox Series X launch, and pauses premium cosmetic releases. “We didn’t go down this path because we knew we didn’t address many areas of feedback in today’s game,” Wahlund wrote. Darktide released for Windows PC on his November 30th and was acclaimed for its instinctive and satisfying combat, top-notch audio and soundtrack, and detailed environments.

  • Warhammer 40,000: Darktide developer Fatshark released an open letter Tuesday from CEO Martin Wahlund in a first-person co-op shooter in which he admitted the game’s studio was off to a rocky start and pledged to support the game. “We set out to create a deeply immersive and stable game that will keep you playing for weeks, not hours,” part of the statement read. He went on to say: The next few months will be dedicated to addressing the feedback we received from many of you.

The game was also criticized by fans for its random and unfathomable chances to upgrade weapons. His inadequate weekly quests and rewards and imperfect state of craftsmanship. The game’s recent reviews on Steam have been mostly negative, with mixed reviews overall.