Chromecast is now supported by Android 13’s YouTube music output switcher

News Summary:

  • You’ll see essentially the same cast list as you see in the app that the icon is associated with. Google seems to highlight commonly used devices by changing the color of the device icon. This feature is not yet widespread. On the aforementioned Pixel 7 (running Google Play Services version 22.46.17), only YouTube Music (version 5.36.51) shows a cast in the reviewed app’s output switcher, although this per-app approach is expected was all streaming services and podcast players should support this for a better cross-device experience on Android.

  • When Android introduced Output Switcher two years ago, people immediately asked for Cast support. YouTube Music is one of the first apps to list his Chromecast device in the output switcher, so it’s finally coming to Android 13. On his one of his Android 13 devices (Pixel 7) running December stable release QPR1 and YouTube Music, the output switcher started showing Chromecast devices alongside Bluetooth accessories tonight. In our case, this includes multiple Google Nest Hubs, Chromecast with Google TV, and speaker groups.

On the other hand, it didn’t show up on YouTube Music on the other phone I tested tonight. Speaking of YouTube Music, the Now Playing screen has a fairly prominent “Connect to [device]” prompt. It has the shape of a pill with a colored border and appears at the bottom of the album art.