CD Projekt RED tests its Cyberpunk and other Future titles on all platforms

News Summary:

  • The creator, to its distinction, seems to have taken steps to safeguard itself. CD Project has said that as part of its new development strategy, it will test all its future titles on whatever platform it releases them for rather than on whatever platform it is already trying them for.

  • With the evolution of Cyberpunk 2077, a full-fledged Cyberpunk sequel, a new Witchertrilogy, and two big Witcherspinoffs, CD Projekt RED has a lot of ambition for the coming years (not to mention the creation of a whole new studio in North America) – and hopefully, future games will avoid the pitfalls that led to the disastrous release of 2077 in 2020.

“We will try to improve gameplay on different platforms. We’re not focused on the developer’s PC,” the developer said. Of course, this makes all the creation phases a bit more complicated, but it gives you more command and conviction in the later stages.

Sure, talk is expensive, and everything is a miracle, but the developer is excited and open to discussing how he plans to improve his pipeline to solve significant challenges.

A huge challenge in developing Cyberpunk (the only one not in short stockpile) was that CD Projekt RED significantly tested the game on PC. We all believe the game’s new developer has been severely compromised and misled.