Australian Apple workers are on strike over the holiday season for better wages and working conditions

News Summary:

  • The strike follows the tech giant facing turmoil at its flagship iPhone factory in China due to rare worker protests against China’s very strict COVID rules and poor handling of the situation at the factor. In early June, Apple employees in Maryland, USA, were the first retail workers to organize at the tech giant after workers continued to criticize the company’s working conditions.

  • Australian Apple workers went on strike Friday afternoon demanding better working conditions and wages, unions said. Workers represented by the Australian Retail and Fast Food Workers Union (RAFFWU) announced earlier this month that by 3:00pm local time (04:00 GMT) on December 23, they will be closing Apple stores nationwide and all announced that he plans to refrain from going out. Christmas Eve.

RAFFWU, which is spearheading the strike, said the eight-year-old agreement denied workers “weekends, consecutive holidays, fixed schedules, fixed workdays, 12-hour breaks between shifts, overtime pay” and more. “The 2014 deal was one of those that pushed workers below the legal minimum,” the union argued, urging iPhone makers to immediately return to the bargaining table and negotiate a fair deal.