As a mother, an Amazon package with a Laptop opens, she is horrified to find it is filled with CORNFLAKES

News Summary:

  • Ms Pattison was concerned about her own expenses, but Amazon offered her a refund and her £40 gift certificate. “My biggest concern is that on Christmas morning, many kids don’t open the box and end up opening what their parents think is a tablet or laptop,” she told the BBC. In 2019, shoppers were horrified when Amazon tried to charge her £10,000 to get her gifts in time for Christmas. Danielle Long, from Carrickfergus, Northern Ireland, ordered the £4.99 gift she needed in time for Christmas. But she was stunned when the online retail giant asked her to pay for exorbitant shipping and packaging fees.

  • The mother was shocked when she tried to wrap the Amazon package containing the laptop, only to discover that it was filled with cornflakes instead. Lizzie Pattison, from Litchfield, Staffordshire, ordered a computer from her e-commerce company in October as her Christmas present for her 10-year-old daughter. Ms. Pattison purchased the device to help Daisy with her SAT exam next year and hid the shipping box by Wednesday. When she discovered the package contained a breakfast staple, Amazon initially said it was past its 30-day return period and would not investigate.

This is most likely a system flaw. Standard shipping for a Nifogo bedside pocket (a holder for a phone or tablet that attaches to your bed) was just £2.99 for her.