Apple's ARKit, the release of the top-left Google off guard

While Apple and Facebook, in order to move forward with augmented reality and virtual reality, the hardware, It, burned by Google Glass and will have a late checkout for a smartphone that leaves AR, in the rear.

Google Glass-Enterprise | Image credit: Mikepanhu

Augmented reality, or AR, for short, is likely to be the next big thing. Apple plans to launch two AR headphones and a pair of glasses in the coming years. Facebook, owner of Oculus brand virtual reality products, announced that it plans to build a pair of glasses for 2021, Oculus Connect, a developer conference.

However, as demonstrated in a report last week by the The informationGoogle seems to be taking R – at least when it comes to hardware.

The implementation of augmented reality in smart phones

Consumer products, like most smartphones and tablets – basic AR skills. For example, customers can get a sample of items and household items at home, on their smartphones and tablets. This is an apparently simple task that leads to more satisfied customers, who make use of the functionality of testing the pieces of furniture in their home.

Many games like this Harry Potter: The Sorcerers United and The Pokémon Move take the AR of the game elements. Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook have been recommending AR-based filters and games for several years.

Of course, the next leap in creating a piece of hardware capable of making use of this technology in the industry taught me about AR and put these concepts in the real world. AR glasses can be used for pedestrian navigation, racing games or for providing information in the absence of the need to search for a phone or a computer. Professionals, including doctors, can access the patient’s chart at a glance. Schools will be able to use AR glasses to help visualize abstract concepts, such as interactive games.

Apple’s ARKit beat ARCore with the punch

This was not always the case. for 2021, Google for the virtual and augmented reality department, intended to continue competing with Apple, which was the rumor in preparation for the launch of a toolkit for augmented reality applications. However, not long after Apple announced ARKit, the company apparently stopped.

Although it was released on ARCore in February 2018 – just six months after the launch of the ARKit team it fell apart shortly thereafter. Projects like the Google smartphone-based VR headset and the “Reverie” in the “Picture” menu are displayed.

It is easy to assume that part of that fear may be directly linked to the less than stellar response to Google Glass. Google’s smart glasses, launched as a prototype in 2013 and needed to be launched in 2014 and ended in 2015. Although Google Glass is still available, it has been renamed as a tool that is only sold to companies.

It may be that Google is expecting its competitors to make its products available on the market, rather than a drink, the level of risk.

Google is not moving away from RA, however. Google Maps has added AR navigation for pedestrians and plans to do the same for drivers….