Apple iPhone SE 4 is expected to feature a 6.1-inch display with Face ID

News Summary:

  • The iPhone maker is considering 5.7- to 6.1-inch LCD screens and 6.1-inch OLED screens from two vendors.

  • San Francisco: Apple has yet to determine the display size of the fourth-generation iPhone SE 4, according to analyst Ross Young. The tech giant is considering several options regarding the screen’s size and material.

It is still unclear whether the company will opt for a 5.7-inch or 6.1-inch screen and whether it will use OLED or LCD technology.

According to a report, the tech giant’s expected next iPhone SE would actually be a reworked iPhone XR. Leaker Jon Prosser’s prediction was most likely just a sensible extrapolation of Apple’s previous iPhone SE designs.

It was previously rumored that the upcoming iPhone would reportedly be identical to the iPhone XR, which was launched in 2018.

To produce the cheaper iPhone SE model, Apple was happy to slightly tweak the hardware of earlier models.

The original 2016 model modified the hardware of the 2013 iPhone 5S.

Based on the iPhone 8, the 2022 model was made. First spotted by AppleTrack, Prosser predicted on the Geared Up podcast.

“The iPhone SE 4, likely coming next year, would essentially be a rebranded iPhone XR. Expect a 6.1-inch display with Face ID, 12MP rear camera, and IP67 water and dust resistance,” AppleTrack tweeted.