Apple has received a patent for a tear-resistant folding display

News Summary:

  • This technology could solve one of today’s users’ main concerns about foldable devices and convince more buyers to try new form factors. Note that this isn’t Apple’s first attempt at improving the durability of foldable technology. In 2022, Apple will patent a self-healing display. The display could theoretically recover from minor scratches to which modern foldable displays are especially prone. A lot of people think the foldable iPhone is still in the wild, but we’re not sure. Now reports point to the possibility of a foldable iPad where Apple could experiment with and improve the technology.

  • Foldable smartphones have been around for a long time, and form factors often considered the next frontier in mobile technology have come a long way. Even Apple seems interested in giving foldable devices a try. However, one of the biggest pitfalls the Cupertino-based company seems concerned about is durability. It’s mostly understandable — foldables are notoriously fragile, after all. The company recently received a patent (№US-20230011092-A1) for a crack-resistant foldable display. This information was first published in a special article by Patently Apple.

Given that the iPad is a relatively minor product in the Cupertino-based company’s portfolio, this seems like a plausible scenario. First-generation foldable devices are a thorny issue (as Samsung is well aware of), and the foldable iPad could give Apple a chance to prevent more damaging bugs in the future. As more companies enter this new market (the Google Pixel Fold is due later this year), foldables don’t seem far from Apple.