Apple cuts self-driving cars and delays launch until ’26 (1)

News Summary:

  • The report added that it plans to develop a vehicle that will allow drivers to perform other tasks on the highway and be warned in time to switch to manual control. Last year, Bloomberg reported that Apple was pushing to launch an electric vehicle as early as 2025, aligning the project with full self-driving capabilities. The report continues that Apple’s ideal car would have no steering wheel or pedals, and the interior would be designed for hands-free driving.

  • Apple (AAPL.O) has scaled back its ambitious self-driving plans for future electric vehicles, pushing the car’s launch date to 2026, Bloomberg News quoted a person familiar with the matter on Tuesday reported. Shares of the iPhone maker fell 2.4% on the news. Known as Project Titan, the company’s automotive efforts have progressed in patches since 2014, when it began designing vehicles from scratch.
    Apple is currently planning a less ambitious design that would include a steering wheel and pedals and only support full self-driving capabilities on highways, a person familiar with the matter.